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Wondering if coaching is right for you? Check out these frequently asked questions.

  • What does a typical coaching session look like?
    You set the agenda for each call. Clients are asked to submit a short prep form prior to each session. You will address what you have accomplished, what challenges you are facing, and what you want to focus on during your session. Every session is different, but we always clarify your focus and draw out what it is you most want to walk away from the session with. How we proceed depends on your needs. This might be brainstorming, awareness building (clarifying your thoughts and desires), strategizing, devising a plan, or growing a skill. You choose your action steps. Big or small — you decide what your next step forward is. Accountability: We check in to see how you want to stay accountable to your action steps this week.
  • What is an inquiry call?
    An inquiry call is a 30-minute complimentary call to chat about your interest in coaching. We'll discuss the obstacles you're facing and how I might be able to help. I'll answer your questions about the coaching process. We'll determine whether working together would be a good fit. Unsure if you need coaching or counseling? We’ll talk about the differences and how to get you the provider you need. There is no obligation. This is simply space to meet and explore what will be the best fit for helping you achieve your goals. Ready to learn more about coaching? Schedule an inquiry call today.
  • What does the coaching process look like?
    Listening As a coach, I help you hear from your core self. I listen deeply to your tone, your energy, your word choices, your breathing, what’s been left unsaid, where your focus is, your values, patterns, what seems to be draining or life-giving. I listen with your goals in mind and ask powerful questions to guide you toward them. Together, we discern what’s holding you back, what it is you want, and what you need to move forward. Safe Environment We co-create an explorative space that frees you to take risks and courageously approach your growth. We shelve life’s distractions and look with curious eyes at what is possible. If desired, we begin with prayer, asking God to clear the space for His plans and shelve all distractions. Lasting Change Often we begin to make positive changes with enthusiasm, but that excitement fades in the face of busy calendars, our inner critic, distractions, and setbacks. Or we make good progress but then find ourselves sliding back into old habits. The goal of coaching is change that lasts long after we finish our work. In coaching, we create lasting change by helping you: * Anticipate obstacles * Recognize setbacks as opportunities to learn what will work * Walk out new habits with intention * Prioritize your vision and values when distractions arise * Discern & have authority over your inner critic * Strategize ways to stay on track throughout the week (self accountability piece) Sometimes goals change, or your focus changes. In coaching, we keep your goals fresh so you can make that choice with intention.
  • What is Christian life coaching?
    Disclaimer: I do not assume the beliefs of others, and I honor your comfort level and values concerning your faith and how much or little you want to incorporate that faith into our work together. You set the agenda. As a Christian life coach, I operate through the lens of Christ. In addition to deeply listening to your core self, I am also listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I believe you are uniquely and wonderfully created by God. And when you are fully aware of and walking out who He has uniquely created you to be — you are your most YOU. The vividest, most beautiful version of yourself. Courageously walking out the dreams and passions He wrote into your life — the life you were made for. As a Christian life coach, I also recognize that life brings deep pain. Jesus promised purpose — He never promised painless. Even in the midst of suffering, it is possible to choose good things for your life, and to take steps toward your dreams. You have something only you can offer this world. God knew your hardships and the harsh realities of this world ... and YET He still called you into the world at this specific time and this specific place. God dreams are so much bigger than us that it’s easy for the world to drown them out. As a Christian life coach, I can help you deepen your walk with Christ, overcome mindsets/lies (or choose Christ-centered mindsets), embrace your passion, and uncover your purpose.
  • Are sessions by phone or in person?
    All sessions are set up to operate via phone. However, I do occasionally meet local clients in person within the Knoxville, Tennesee, area. I also offer Zoom calls for face-to-face sessions, but find most clients prefer phone calls.
  • How long does the coaching process take?
    Every client is different. Some clients just need a weekend intensive to tackle one big decision or work through a project. But for most coaching topics, typically 3-6 months. Coaching is a process and it takes time. You don't hire a personal trainer for one session and immediately lose 10 pounds. Just like physical fitness coaching, life coaching takes consistency. Over time, that consistency builds momentum and the rhythms you need to reach your goals. With a monthly package, you receive accountability and check-ins on your action steps and progress. It gives us time to explore any roadblocks or setbacks. By not rushing through the process, we can truly dig deep, establish new rhythms, and put you on the path to not only achieving your goals but creating change that lasts.
  • What if I’m not a Christian? Can you still coach me?
    Absolutely! We will establish your spiritual preferences in our first session, and I will respect them throughout our relationship.
  • How is coaching different from counseling, discipling and consulting?"
    Each discipline is distinct and brings value. Counseling or therapy deals mostly with a person’s past and trauma and seeks healing. Consulting deals mostly with problems and seeks to provide expertise, advice, and strategies. Discipling deals with teaching biblical truth & spiritual disciplines to new or less mature believers Coaching deals mostly with a person’s present and seeks to guide him or her into a more desirable future. There is overlap. Therapists may use coaching, & the field of coaching uses models & techniques from mental health fields. Coaches (like myself) may also offer consultation services to develop a skill or offer spiritual formation coaching.

Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out.
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 “Everything in coaching depends on listening...

To be listened to is a striking experience—partly because it is so rare.

When another person is totally with you, interested in every word, eager to empathize, you feel known and understood. People get bigger when they know they're being listened to."

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