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Freedom to Build Your Life

Coaching so you discover what you want & how to get there



Discover what you most want for your life.

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Create an action plan that works for YOU.



Step into the life you were created for.

Are Life's Roadblocks Holding You Back?

Are you… 

It's time to uncover the power you have over

your life and the choices you make.


You Deserve to Discover a Life of

Katie Billings, Life Coach

So many students and young women are unsure about their next steps and worried they’ll make the wrong decision. I understand the urgency to establish the life you want.

I, too, was paralyzed by fear that I’d never get to live out my dreams for a meaningful career, deeper relationships, debt-free finances, and a home of my own. I know how scary and lonely it can be to face so many roadblocks. 

It's why I coach others on breaking past fear and uncertainty, so they step confidently into the life they desire. 

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How Women Like You Found Clarity & Confidence

When I came to see Katie, I didn’t know what I was looking for. It’s so empowering that she didn’t tell me what to do or how to do it. Instead, she awakened in me the answers that were already there but just hadn’t been tapped into. Coaching helped me step into my calling, and there’s no such thing as burnout for me anymore.


I wanted to have more fun in my life. Katie’s coaching was perspective-altering. It gave me the chance to identify all that was going on beneath the surface so that I could make sense of it and decide what to do next. Now I love what I do to the point that I don’t want to stop because it’s so much fun!


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“When you are who you were created to be 

you'll set

the world


St. Catherine of Siena

Don't Just Dream..


You want the freedom to build your life. In order for that to happen, you need clarity and purposeful momentum. The problem is you feel like you’re wandering, unsure of your path forward. You feel overwhelmed by decisions and fearful of making a wrong move.

It’s hard to do this alone.

So many women are stuck in a life that does not bring them purpose and joy. As your coach, I help you listen deeply to yourself so you get clear on what it is you want and how to walk it out with confidence. Together, we break past overwhelm and simplify the path forward into easy, doable action steps.

Don’t ignore the cry of your heart. You deserve the freedom to choose your life with intention.

Want to learn more more about the coaching process? Check out the FAQs to get the finer details.

Schedule a free inquiry call

Let's talk about what's keeping you from moving forward and determine how we could work together to build momentum in your life. 

Select a package of coaching services

Choose the package that works for your schedule and budget.


Step into a life of freedom

Equipped with the right tools and confidence, you'll feel ready to pursue the life you long for. 

Take the First Step to Clarity and Momentum

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is Just Around the Corner

Stop wandering and step confidently into the life you choose. You deserve to take charge of your life, make confident decisions and live out a life you love.

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